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Public Prep

Mission - The North Star

 At Girls Prep, scholars are challenged to think and work hard every day.

We start early with the end of college completion in mind.

We create a warm and joyful culture of rigor in which scholars build strong character by adopting the core values of sisterhood, merit, responsibility, and scholarship.

Our scholars master the ability to read, write, listen, speak, create, and think deeply across disciplines, with a particular focus on science, the arts, and math. They work independently and in teams to solve problems collaboratively.

A Girls Prep alumna will be a resilient young woman of bold intellect. She will be an empathetic leader, knowledgeable and curious about the world. She will be a goal-oriented decision-maker empowered to make choices that will lead to life success.

Girls Prep is part of Public Prep, the nation’s only non-profit network that exclusively develops exceptional, tuition-free PreK and single-sex elementary and middle public schools. We are determined to graduate 8th grade scholars who thrive in “right-fit,” high-performing public, private, or parochial high schools, and ultimately earn a degree from a four-year college or university.

As a member of the Public Prep Network, Girls Prep Lower East Side is guided by the North Star of College Completion as its organizational framework. We regularly measure progress in terms of the five prongs of the North Star: student learning and achievement, staff satisfaction and organizational stability, and family and student engagement. The following are the five College Completion categories against which Public Prep will hold itself accountable – a standard that is superior to, and inclusive of, any district, city, state, or national standard.

Each of the prongs on the Public Prep North Star of College Completion is necessary, but not sufficient. Only succesin each of the five prongs will enable Public Prep to empower our students to build the cognitive and character-based strengths necessary to overcome the inevitable hurdles encountered on the path to and through college. 

Academic Achievement

Academic Achievement comprises the cognitive abilities and content knowledge students develop across disciplines, including science, American and world history, the arts, music, math, foreign language, and other courses of study that help them become well-rounded, educated, and culturally literate citizens.

Character Development

Character Development builds non-cognitive strengths such as resilience, determination, initiative, perseverance, gratitude, empathy, and optimism to help them overcome the inevitable hurdles encountered in life.

College Knowledge

College Knowledge includes financial planning, immersive on-campus experiences, and other college preparatory skills and partnerships to enable students to ultimately navigate the maze to and through college. Learn more about our college completion initiative here.

Organizational Stability and Staff Engagement

Beyond students, Organizational Stability and Staff Engagement is another integral component of reaching the North Star of College Completion. This includes critical measures such as retention of quality staff and financial self-sustainability. Increasing the career longevity of school leadership and faculty who effectively improve adult and student learning is critical to the future of all Public Prep schools and our scholars.

Family and Scholar Satisfaction

Within Family and Scholar Satisfaction, Public Prep believes that strong, regular, and respectful communication with the parents and families of our students is critical if we are to succeed over the short- and long-term.  We aspire to significantly exceed citywide and applicable district levels of Parent, Student, and Staff Satisfaction on NYC DOE School Surveys, achieve 100% participation on the Parent/Student Commitment to College Completion, and achieve high rates of student retention and alumni engagement.
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Public Prep Network, Inc.

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Public Prep is a nonprofit network of tuition-free, single-sex elementary and middle public charter schools in New York City.

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