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Public Prep


Place young boys and girls on a predictive path to college completion.

Starting in Pre-K, Public Prep Academies aim to provide a strong foundation that ensures our students are on a predictive path to college completion. Beyond college completion, we strive to prepare well-rounded and literate life-long learners and active and empowered citizens. In order to make this vision a reality, we provide our students with an exceptional Pre-K-8 education by developing a content-rich, interdisciplinary curriculum, establishing a strong school culture and hiring outstanding educators, providing academic and health interventions such as summer school and programming from a.i.r. NYC, expanding students’ horizons through field trips to colleges and cultural institutions, eliminating financial barriers to college completion by providing incentives to families to enroll in NY529 College Savings Accounts, partnering with esteemed education nonprofits like Sesame Workshop, the National Dance Institute, the Brearley School, the Buckley School, Prep for Prep, and the TEAK Fellowship, and much more.

Our single-sex elementary and middle schools are designed to provide all of these opportunities and self-sustain on public per-pupil funding before they reach capacity as K-8 schools. Opening a new school requires an initial investment of approximately $1.5M in philanthropy (spread over three years), so we do not scrimp on our students’ education before we reach scale. This initial support leverages annual state funding of $5M (K-4) through $9M (K-8) as we expand from serving 375 to 675 students.

Build capacity for shared learning and increased impact.

The Public Prep Network provides services to Public Prep Academies so that they can benefit from the leadership and expertise of our network staff, and so that we can facilitate shared learning among our schools. Public Prep offers guidance about implementing the Public Prep model as well as functional supports. Some of the services we offer our schools include:

  1. curriculum development;
  2. student assessment strategy, development, and data analysis;
  3. talent recruitment, professional development, and staff-evaluation supports; 
  4. accountability and governance;
  5. fundraising, development, and external relations; 
  6. strategy, risk management, and planning;
  7. operations supports including student recruitment, facilities, and technology services; 
  8. financial services such as creating school budgets, generating quarterly reports, and preparing year-end financial reports and audits; and,
  9. back office support such as payroll, benefits, and insurance.

We aim to increase our impact from serving more than 1,250 students in 2014-2015 to serving between 3,000 and 4,000 students in the next ten years, depending on the performance of our current schools. Like our schools, Public Prep is designed to self-sustain on public funding once we are at capacity. Until that time, we require support from our generous donors to develop strong schools which provide an exceptional foundation for boys and girls in New York City.


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Public Prep Network, Inc.

  • 441 East 148th Street
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  • Bronx, NY 10455
  • |
  • T: 212-346-6000
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  • F: 212-346-9096

Public Prep is a nonprofit network of tuition-free, single-sex elementary and middle public charter schools in New York City.

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