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All Girls and All Boys Classrooms at Public Prep's Tuition-Free Charter Schools in NYC
Success Story

Just 4 years ago I made the decision to put Sanaai into Girls Prep. I am a mom that works tirelessly to give my daughters the best the world has to offer.  I want them to have the education that so many girls around the world are denied each and every day.
After one field day at Girls Prep Lower East Side Middle I knew we could both become better people.
I know, deep in my soul, that so many girls here truly embody all the core values we try to teach each day. We walk into a school that has girls that come from some of the toughest home environments and personal situations of any kids I have ever met. On top of that some travel up to 2 each way hours just to be in a space where they are valued. My experiences both inside and outside of the classroom with the girls have changed my life forever. Throughout all of the hard work I have always been sure that my partnership with this school is a large part of the reason that I am this proud mom standing in front of you today.
I remember speaking at the new student orientation last year and mentioning my belief that our children don’t belong to us. We bring them into the world and give them a village that provides them with all the tools they need to become great people and make them better than we ever dreamed we could be. So today I want to honor Sanaai’s and all of the girl’s amazing village!
We did an incredible job and I know we’re putting great leaders and great agents of change into this world.
Tresoline Delva
Proud Girls Prep Lower East Side Parent and Staff Member
(Excerpts from a speech at the Public Prep Graduation Ceremony)





My daughter has grown in all aspects and has developed the confidence necessary for success in middle school and beyond. The school nurtures her growth by promoting “parent partnerships”. I work very closely with all of her teachers and staff so that I always know where she stands academically, developmentally and even emotionally. All the teachers and staff are a text, and e-mail or a phone call away.

M. Saenz de Viteri

Parent of a Girls Prep Bronx 6th Grader

Girl students at Public Prep's Girls Prep in the Lower East Side.

Three years ago, I was looking for a great school for my daughter. Today, my family and I are so glad we chose Girls Prep because it has changed our daughter’s life. My daughter has really progressed academically and has learned values that will help her make the right decisions in life.

L. Smart

Parent of a Girls Prep Lower East Side 3rd Grader

My family is so glad we chose Boys Prep for our son. He has developed into a strong reader due to the expectation that the boys focus on reading every night while at home with their families. While at Boys Prep, my son has received amazing support from his teachers, and all of the staff show him how to be an amazing scholar and perform to the school’s high standards. The staff is a dedicated team that is genuinely there for the boys and their families.

K. Rivera

Parent of a Boys Prep 3rd Grader

Happy students of Public Prep's all boys elementary school in the Bronx.

I joined Girls Prep to support my own community and see girls grow into young women that can also impact their community. I have stayed at Public Prep because I have seen the impact that it has brought to our students. Being able to see them grow and become young women with choice and voice has inspired my day to day work.

Lisselot Monegro, Director of Student and Family Affairs

Girls Prep Lower East Side Middle School