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AEI and the Economic Success of Black Men in America

In June, 2018,  scholars Ron Mincy, Wendy Wang, and Brad Wilcox presented their new research on “Black Men, Making It in America: The Engines of Economic Success for Black Men in America” in a panel at the American Enterprise Institue (AEI). Their study, published by AEI and the Institute for Family Studies, looks at success stories of black men in America, examining the roles of military service, education, work, and marriage in their lives.

Public Prep Network CEO, Ian Rowe, joined a panel following the presentation to discuss the study and provide his perspective on the factors that lead to success for Black men in America—education, work, marriage, faith, military service, and a sense of personal agency—as referred to in the study. Mr. Rowe was accompanied by Bradley Hardy Associate Professor at American University, and Michelle SIngletary, Columnist at The Washington Post.

To build on the work done by Mincy, Wang, and Wilcox, there should be deeper thought around identifying underlying components of each factor referenced in their study so that we can develop more effective policy, and implement those components in the work that we do to collectively raise black boys in our communities.  A comment from Mr. Rowe stood as a defining moment during the discussion, "These are the ingredients of success for all Americans, regardless of race, male or female. And I think that’s just a very powerful and hopefully unifying message for how we can move forward."

Read a transcript of the panel here