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College and Career Week At Public Prep Academies

Bronx, Ny -May 28, 2018: At Public Prep Academies, in order to achieve our goal of getting our scholars to and through college, our schools commit to providing exposure to colleges and careers way before scholars are expected to apply for those opportunities.

Each year, during the last week of May, Public Prep Academies host College and Career Week. In preparation for this special week, Girls Prep and Boys Prep staff and students are encouraged to invite successful professionals to participate by coming to classrooms to make speeches and to conduct Q&A with the students. The purpose is for the students to truly engage with the visitors and learn about their unique experiences in college and pursuing a long term career.

During College and Career Week, in any classroom, you may have heard students asking questions like “what inspired you to work in your career field?”, or “where was the college that you attended located?” Our teachers did a great job prepping our scholars during College Knowledge workshops. Our Boys Prep scholars even took a trip to visit Lehman College and Columbia University, during this week in order to prepare for their visitors.

We look forward to continuing this special opportunity for our scholars, and we welcome community members to participate in the future!