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Girls Prep Bronx Receives State Of The Art Mobile Stem Labs 

BRONX, NY (September 28, 2018): This week we celebrated the arrival of two state of the art mobile STEM labs at Girls Prep Bronx Elementary, provided by our Council Member Rafael Salamanca Jr. Council Member Salamanca, a consistent advocate for Girls Prep Bronx, contributed $150,000 to bring these labs to our students who are eager to expand their knowledge in STEM subjects. 

"Engaging young women in STEM as early as possible is key for our future female scientists, chemists & mathematicians. I’m proud to support schools like Girls Prep."
Council Member Rafael Salamanca Jr. 
Girls Prep Bronx Student Public Prep CEO and Council Member Salamanca


"I just love science! People always ask me what do I want to be when I grow up-and they usually hope for the answer of a doctor or a dentist-but then they get surprised when I say I want to be a chemical engineer. That changes their perspective of how they feel about me and towards other young scientists. Girls Prep has done a lot of that. Many of the teachers have inspired me to expand my scientific mind with the topics they teach and the teachers themselves. Science has always been a part of my life and I want it to continue to be a part of my life!" 

Tiaje, Girls Prep Bronx 8th Grader

The mobile labs will be for use by our elementary school scholars, however, 8th grader Tiaje was extremely excited and proud to see this opportunity become available to her younger Girls Prep Bronx sisters. News 12 The Bronx was able to catch up with Tiaje for an interview as well following the reveal of the carts, where she shared more excitement and wishes for future Girls Prep scholars. 
Picture of the mobile lab cart at Girls Prep Bronx linked to News 12 The Bronx
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