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Where the most CREATIVEPASSIONATE, and BRIGHTEST scholar is always a BOY!

Our unique approach places equal emphasis on character development, college knowledge, and academic excellence through an integrated curriculum to ensure all of our students are on a path to our North Star to College Completion and beyond. Our schools establish a culture of joy weaved in with the expectation of learning and critical thinking. Scholars are recognized for academic achievement in equal measures to their representation of our core values.

Public Prep has displayed high levels of student achievement and standards. I am fortunate to have my son enrolled in Boys Prep Bronx. Every week I am more and more elated about the curriculum and opportunities for the children.
-Ms. Fields-Frisco, Boys Prep Parent



Boys Prep is the first and only all-boys PreK-8 public school in the Bronx. After three years of being "co-located" in shared and inadequate public space, Boys Prep Bronx won a landmark legal decision that guarantees permanent public funding for private facilities. As a result, Boys Prep Bronx has opened an 85,000-square-foot building in the heart of the South Bronx.

boys prep building
boys prep building
When you are a part of a staff like this, where everyone is thinking about what is best for the boys we teach, it makes you excited to go to work each day.
-Greg Schneider, Dean of Culture, Boys Prep Bronx Elementary School

After School Payment

Payment should only be submitted if your scholar is currently enrolled in after school.


Phone: 718-742-4321