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School Contact Information

  • Address: 420 East 12th Street, Room 103, New York, NY 10009 (entrance is on 11th Street)
  • Phone: 212-358-8216
  • Fax: 212-358-8219

School Hours

  • Breakfast: 8:30 AM
  • School Hours: 8:40 AM-4:25 PM
  • Wednesday Dismissal: 3:15 PM

Grades Served

5th-8th Grade

After School Programming

Girls Prep LES Middle School provides a free after school program for students until 6 PM, and accommodates early dismissal on Wednesdays. The program includes dance, dramatic arts, chess, math club, engineering, and more. Please contact Ms. Latoya McCalla ( if you are interested in enrolling your 6th-8th grade daughter in our after-school program.


Girls Prep LES Middle School provides student Metrocards, provided by the NYC Department of Education. For more information, please visit this page.




  • Yellow, white or purple polo, or white oxfords with Girls Prep Middle School logo
  • Solid navy blue cardigan, fleece or sweater vest over uniform shirt (no hoodies or sweaters of any other color)
  • Solid-colored white or yellow long-sleeved shirts may be worn underneath the Girls Prep polo.


  • Solid navy blue uniform pants or capris, skirt, Bermuda shorts, or skort (no more than 2 inches above the knee “Rule of Thumb”); may be purchased through Flynn & O’Hara or your local retailer


  • Solid black, white, navy blue or yellow stockings, leggings or socks (No patterned tights or fishnet stockings)
  • Solid colored leggings may be worn underneath the skirt; leggings may NOT be worn as pants.
  • No denim

Shoes (GPLESM):

  • Solid black or navy closed-toe shoes, boots or sneakers (flat, rubber-soled)
  • No heels, wedges, or boots that come over the knee

Shoes (GPBXM):

  • Any color closed-toe shoes, boots or sneakers (flat, rubber-soled)
  • No heels, wedges, or boots that come over the knee

All scholars must wear a Girls Prep uniform every day. To find store locations and order online visit

Summer Homework 2018

Alexandra Cardasis

Alexandra Cardasis

Academic Director of Humanities
Nahrin Chowdhury

Nahrin Chowdhury

Academic Director of STEM
Lauren Faust

Lauren Faust

Director of Student and Family Affairs
Serena Ruiz

Serena Ruiz

Director of Operations
Jessica Strong

Jessica Strong



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