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2018-19 Public Prep Annual Report

2018-19 WAS AN EXTRAORDINARY YEAR for Public Prep. 

Across all Public Prep campuses, we continue to immerse our scholars in joyful, rigorous  learning environments that are rich in the arts, music, and science and help to develop resilient young scholars of bold intellect. Three important constituencies continue to be top of mind:
Our scholars
More than 2,000 scholars are now being educated across the Girls Prep Lower East Side, Boys Prep Bronx, and Girls Prep Bronx campuses. All of our elementary campuses now offer PrePrep, a Universal Prekindergarten Program, making Public Prep the leading provider in the sector, reflecting our commitment to Early Childhood Education. In September 2018, Boys Prep Bronx moved into their beautiful, permanent home: a newly designed five-story, 85,000 sq ft building that will welcome generations of young men. And importantly, Public Prep schools continue to outperform the district, city and state on the New York State English Language Arts and Math exams.
Our Alumnae

More than 500 alumnae from seven graduating classes of Girls Prep 8th graders continue to matriculate and persist in some of the finest high schools and colleges in the country. Our alumnae now attend great high schools that include Bard High School Early College, Beacon High School and Laguardia High School, and premiere colleges and universities such as Yale University, Howard University, and Syracuse University.

New Families

As of December 2019, more than 4,000 families are on the waitlist for our Girls Prep Bronx and Boys Prep Bronx schools. That is why we are pleased to share that in 2018-19, Girls Prep Bronx II was granted approval from SUNY for one of the final seven charters available in New York City. As a result, Girls Prep Bronx II will open in September 2020 to expand our reach and capacity to develop future female leaders in the Bronx. And furthering our commitment beyond 8th grade, we are in the early stages of developing a high school solution that will provide a guaranteed, high-quality option for our graduating 8th graders and will better ensure they remain on a path to college completion.

Our Impact

Since Girls Prep opened in 2005 with just 90 girls in the first all-girls public charter school in NYC, Public Prep has grown to become one of the most well-respected and influential networks in New York State. In a challenging political environment in which public charter schools face intensifying opposition, it will be important for Public Prep to continue to advocate on behalf of our families who want nothing more than an exceptional, tuition-free education for their children.

As we enter a new year, our leadership team is even more determined to ensure Public Prep is a lasting institution that will educate generations of young women and men. As our mission statement outlines, we seek to develop “empathetic leaders, knowledgeable and curious about the world. They will be goal-oriented decision-makers empowered to make choices that will lead to life success.”

Thank you for helping us fulfill this mission.

Ian Rowe and Janelle Bradshaw

Audited Financial Statements