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Our unique approach places equal emphasis on character development, college knowledge, and academic excellence through an integrated curriculum to ensure all of our students are on a path to our North Star to College Completion and beyond. Our schools establish a culture of joy weaved in with the expectation of learning and critical thinking. Scholars are recognized for academic achievement in equal measures to their representation of our core values.


Click on the photos below to learn how we prepare our scholars each day, starting in PrePrep, to be on a predictive path to college completion.

8:00 AM - Morning Meeting
8:30 AM - Yoga and Mindfulness
9:10 AM - Science
9:50 AM - Cognitively Guided Instruction
11:30 AM - English Language Arts
12:10 PM - Arts and Music
1:35 PM - Writing Workshop
2:15 PM - Mathematics
2:55 PM - Sister/Brother Circle
3:10 PM - Physical Education

English Language Arts at Public Prep Charter Schools in New York

Public Prep’s approach to English Language Arts is grounded in the belief that in order for students to enter, thrive in, and graduate from college, they must have a command of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills and a holistic understanding of literature and its purpose.

At both the elementary and middle school levels, students engage in a Balanced Literacy approach that thoughtfully builds independence and empowers students to take ownership of their learning and goals. Public Prep believes in a balanced approach that builds a solid foundational skill set for all students, sparks curiosity and cultivates a joy for and love of learning. In order to develop well-rounded and empowered readers and writers, the Public Prep Balanced Literacy program seeks to balance multiple approaches and instructional areas including but not limited to:

  • Foundational Skills (Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary Development, Fluency, Developmental Spelling)
  • Guided Reading
  • Independent Reading
  • Close Reading and Response to Literature
  • Units of Study
  • Habits of Discussion (Speaking and Listening Standards)
  • Critical and Inferential Thinking Skills

STEM Programs NYC Public Prep Charter Schools

Public Prep is committed to developing the next generation of female and male minority engineers, scientists and mathematicians. Driven by the philosophy to "start early with the end in mind," we have implemented a replicable model of science education in the early grades, with great impact. Public Prep Academies are unique in that each scholar, starting in Kindergarten, receives science instruction 5 days a week from science-only faculty members exclusively focused on teaching the wonders of science. Public Prep helps instill an early love of inquiry, critical thinking and problem solving, which will in turn ignite a curiosity and pursuit of STEM-related careers by young women and men, which is ultimately what's needed to bridge the gender and race gap in STEM fields.


Best Charter Elementary and Middle Schools in NYC

At Public Prep, we strive to nurture the whole scholar - mind and body. We offer a rigorous, well-balanced curriculum taught by content-certified specialists, and scholars also participate in "specials" that expand their creativity and promote a healthy lifestyle. These programs help students develop skills such as self-expression, perseverance, and improving based on feedback early on in life that will help carry them through college and help them lead fulfilling lives.


Tuition-free Charter Schools in New York's Lower East Side and Bronx for Special Needs

At Public Prep Network, we are incredibly proud of our approach to inclusive education and believe that each and every child can achieve the highest levels of success.


Top Math Programs at Public Prep Charter Schools NYC

Our Mathematics vision is to provide students with the ability to make sense of the world through a mathematical lens by emphasizing conceptual understanding and development of problem solving habits and tools. In keeping with this vision, we promote mathematical routines, productive struggle and differentiated instruction. Public Prep Academies also utilize Cognitive Guided Instruction (CGI), an approach to mathematical thinking that builds in rigorous student-to-student discourse and problem solving opportunities. Public Prep also utilizes ed-tech resources to provide opportunities for students to focus on math during and out-of-school, while giving them agency over their own learning.


Progressive Technology Charter Schools in NYC

We think that scholars learn best in a vibrant learning community when they are talking, thinking, debating and engaging with their peers. Our approach to technology use in schools ensures that any materials or systems enhance the blended learning experience without replacing instruction.

On average, there is one computer for every scholar in grades 3-8. Scholars in grades K-2 have access to a combination of tablets and laptops. Public Prep Academies use a variety of systems in order to provide individualization and opportunities for an extended school day; with learning encouraged on these platforms before and after school. These platforms can also be used to inform intervention as well as improve instruction.