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At Public Prep, we help scholars see the possibilities for themselves, and prepare every scholar to achieve their highest level of success.

We take a scholar-first approach in preparing every young person to realize their inherent greatness. From a very young age, we reinforce to our scholars that they are agents of change. We guide scholars in realizing their power and promise, through the values of scholarship, excellence, community, and integrity. Our scholars develop their abilities to read, write, listen, speak, create, and think critically across disciplines, with a particular focus on science, the arts, and math.

Our Pre-K through 8th grade scholars build strong character, depth of knowledge, and empathy for the world around them. Our approach is rooted in love and justice, and requires an ongoing commitment to delivering high quality, accessible, and anti-racist education.

Public Prep is an award-winning network of charter schools across Manhattan and the Bronx and the nation’s first non-profit tuition-free charter school network that develops exceptional Pre-K, and single-gender elementary and middle public schools. We envision a world where every scholar realizes their greatness inside and outside of school, and where classrooms are beacons of the community, fostering courageous learners, critical thinkers, and resilient leaders with strong personal agency. 

In this year of many firsts in our network, including celebrating our first college graduates in the spring, we remain committed to nurturing a safe, inclusive and rigorous academic community that always puts scholars first.

- Janelle Bradshaw, CEO


Public Prep educators see the power and promise in each scholar. Public Prep has defined its North Star to College and Career Readiness as its organizational framework to regularly measure progress; a standard that exceeds all district, city, state, and national standards.