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Public Prep Schools - Tuition Free Prep Schools NYC Started in 2005


12 Years Later, 90% of girls prep students matriculated to college.



Public Prep Alumnae College Graduation


While Public Prep is a network of elementary and middle schools, including Girls Prep Lower East Side, Boys Prep Bronx, and Girls Prep Bronx, our commitment to our scholars lasts well beyond when they graduate as 8th graders. Since 2013, Girls Prep has had five graduating classes of 8th graders. In the 2017-18 school year, there are about 300 Girls Prep alumnae now enrolled in grades nine through twelve in phenomenal, college-prep parochial, private or public high schools. And ninety percent of the inaugural graduating class of Girls Prep 8th graders from 2013 is now, as freshmen, attending some of the finest colleges and universities in the country.

As part of our alumnae support, Public Prep provides our alumnae with college visit opportunities, guidance on the financial aid (FAFSA) process, and as you will see below, exclusive partnerships with institutions of higher education that guarantee Girls Prep (and ultimately Boys Prep) alumnae immersive, multi-day or multi-week on-campus, summer experiences. We also educate our alumnae about the nearly 100 world-class colleges and universities that are either tuition-free or have "no-loan" financial aid policies that ensure our scholars would receive an incredible education, and would graduate with a degree and virtually no debt. In sum, we support our alumnae scholars so that they optimally have four or more offers of admission from "right-fit" colleges, with financial aid packages that ensure they remain on a path to college completion.



We are determined to graduate 8th grade scholars who thrive in “right-fit,” college-prep public, private, or parochial high schools, and ultimately earn a degree, on-time, from a four-year college or university. Towards this end, Public Prep has secured exclusive partnerships with colleges and universities to guarantee multi-day or multi-week, on-campus experiences for Girls Prep alumnae to take summer classes, live in dorms and experience college life. Costs for the below programs will be only $200 per scholar, with additional options for travel aid from certain program. Explore the opportunities below and click to the links to apply.


Barnard college:
Dance in the city

Public Prep has secured three spots in the 11-day Dance in the City Program, during which you’ll learn about dance from four different perspectives: as a scholar, a dancer, a choreographer, and an audience member. In the classroom, students learn to critically analyze, write and discuss various forms of dance. In the studio, you’ll practice at the The Ailey Extension at The Joan Weill Center for Dance, home of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, in classes ranging from Contemporary to classical ballet. The program will culminate in presenting your own choreographed work in collaboration with classmates. All Pre-College Students partake in evening excursions and activities across New York City.



During Catalyst Academy, a co-ed summer academy, Cornell University’s world-renowned faculty and graduate students lead classes, lab sessions, and a research project designed for Academy participants. During the week, students work in teams conducting research and learning to solve problems that mirror real-life situations. In addition, social events, panel discussions, and other out-of-classroom activities provide participants with opportunities to network informally with each other and Cornell faculty, staff, and students.


Curie Academy

CURIE Academy is a one-week summer residential program for girls who excel in math and science. The focus is on juniors and seniors who may not have had prior opportunities to explore engineering, but want to learn more about the many opportunities in an interactive atmosphere. Participants will get in-depth engineering experience through hands-on field sessions and research in various engineering disciplines. The program also includes social activities and engineering competitions!

ELEANOR ROOSEVELT CENTER and Public Preparatory Schools

Eleanor roosevelt Center:
Girls' leadership worldwide program

The Eleanor Roosevelt Center Girls’ Leadership Worldwide (GLW) Program is an international, ten-day summer leadership program for high school girls who demonstrate leadership potential in their schools and communities. Participants from across the world of various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds come together to acquire the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to exercise leadership rooted in the courage, compassion, and perseverance modeled by Eleanor Roosevelt. GLW consists of interactive workshops, presentations, discussions, and other hands-on training, including public speaking and team building.


DISCOVER business Teen Academy

Public Prep has secured three spots in the 1-week Discover Business Teen Academy. Scholars will gain knowledge in teamwork and leadership, communications, foreign language, networking, finance, marketing, market research, and business planning. Participants will hear from FDU business professors, guest speakers, and will partake in company site-visits. The skills learned at this camp can be applied to all areas of life – in school, business, and the world.


SUmmer College immersion program

Public Prep has secured two spots in Georgetown University's Summer College Immersion Program, a three-week college prep program for rising high school seniors. Designed for high-achieving students with aspirations to apply to the most selective colleges and universities, the program provides a transformational learning experience and an introduction to college life.


PRE-College Program

Public Prep has secured two spots in the 4-week Pre-College Program, where scholars get a head start on college life by living and learning with other students. Skidmore’s unique Pre-College curriculum allows students to take either two studio art courses, two liberal arts courses, or one of each. Offerings include a wide range of courses drawn from the humanities, social and natural sciences; studio art courses and workshops; and special topics courses from diverse disciplines that provide singular experiences. Courses carry standard Skidmore credit, and they are generally transferable to any other college or university.



The Smith Summer Science and Engineering Program (SSEP) is a four-week residential program for exceptional young women with strong interests in science, engineering and medicine. Each July, select high school students from across the country and abroad come to Smith College to do hands-on research with Smith faculty in the life and physical sciences and in engineering. Students choose two two-week research courses; in these, groups of up to 17 students work alongside Smith faculty members, assisted by undergraduate interns.



Dynamic faculty and staff will contribute to this two-week Field Studies for Sustainable Futures interdisciplinary program. It will approach the issues of ecological design and sustainable food from multiple points of view to expose and understand the complexities and potential impacts of tackling (or ignoring) the issues. Rather than offering distinct classes in a traditional setting, participants will head outside, collaborating with and challenging one another as our understanding of sustainable practices grows.


Young Women's Writing Workshop

Smith's two-week Young Women's Writing Workshop allows scholars to explore your writing in a creative and supportive environment that fosters their love of writing in a variety of mediums. All of the classes will be in workshop style, and all of the professors are all published writers and poets. They will pay special attention to teaching how to read your work to an audience and how to get published. At the end of the workshop, scholars will have the start of an online writing portfolio and some professional contacts in the literary world.


College Scholarship

Southern Vermont College (SVC) has launched a project known as the Pipelines into Partnership Program. SVC designated Public Prep as one of its Sending Institutions. In this capacity, Public Prep will work with SVC to welcome a maximum of four students from Public Prep to SVC as part of the Pipeline Project for each academic year. Accepted scholars will join the Mountaineer Scholar Program, designed to assist scholars in progressing to and through college. This program includes a Mountaineer Scholars Week during the summer before freshman year, cohort meetings throughout the academic year, and monthly mentor meetings. Selected scholars will receive a full tuition/room and board scholarship.




Stephens College, the second-oldest women’s college in the country, announced that for the first time in its 179 year history, it will offer a yearly four-year, full-tuition scholarship to a Girls Prep alumna in 12th grade. Stephens College is located in Columbia, Missouri and offers innovative, career-focused programs sound in the liberal arts with a focus on creative arts and sciences.

Public Prep Warner College PRE-MED AND SCIENCE PROGRAM

Wagner College:
pRE-med and science program

Public Prep has secured two spots each year for three years in Wagner College's Pre-Med and Science Pre-College Program, or Filmmaking and Video Production Program (see right). This three-week interactive learning experience mirrors a college level professional medical program. In addition to traditional classroom lectures, students will partake in demonstrations, labs, simulators and have the opportunity to visit hospitals in the NYC metro area. Upon successful completion students will receive 2 units equivalent to 6 transfer credits at other similar institutions.


Public Prep Events

Public Prep Graduation: 6/27/2019

Join us as we celebrate our Girls Prep 8th graders as they graduate into high school, and our 12th grade alumnae as they graduate to pursue post-secondary plan

  • When: Thursday, June 27th, 2019 
  • Where: Columbia University

Important Dates and Deadlines


  • June 30, 2019 (for students entering college for the 2018-19 school year)
  • June 30, 2020 (for students entering college for the 2019-20 school year)

Common Application:


  • Dates, Deadlines and Registration: online


Support Documents and Resources




  • Dates, Deadlines, and Registration: online

No Loan Colleges: here


NYC Workshops and Events

College Fairs

College Fairs
  • Full NYC Calendar of College Fairs: online
SUNY College Fair 
Date:  Wednesday, October 10
Time:  4 PM 
 Where: Javits Center
655 West 34th St., New York, NY 
2018 STARS CGI Girls College Fair
Date:  Tuesday, October 16
Time:  5:00PM -7:00 PM 
Where: The High School of Fashion Industries
225 West 24th Street
Suite 815
New York, NY 10011
AMNH College Fair
Date:  Friday October 19
Time:  4 PM – 7:30 PM 
Where: American Museum of Natural History
Big Apple College Fair (no registration needed)
Date:  Sunday, October 21
Time:  1 PM – 4 PM 
 Where: Javits Center
655 West 34th St., New York, NY 
2018 College Access Fair for African-American/Black and Hispanic/Latino Students & Families.  
Date:  Saturday, November 17
Time:  12:30 PM -2:45 PM (with workshops and events from 11 AM - 4 PM)
 Where: Fordham University Rose Hill (Bronx) Campus

Financial Aid Support

Girls Prep Lower East Side Class of 2015
High School Graduate of Medgar Evers College Preparatory High School
Da Jia Hao ('Hello Everyone' in Mandarin)

Ja'nai, '15, is a rising Junior at Medgar Evers College Preparatory School. Ja'nai entered Girls Prep in September 2008 as a second grader and graduated as an 8th grader in 2015. Through nurturing teachers and developing great friendships, she has grown to be a self-assured and enthusiastic scholar on the road to greatness.

The world was a classroom for Ja'nai this summer. Through Americans Promoting Study Abroad (a program that provides youth with study abroad opportunities), and sponsorship from Girls Prep, Ja'nai was able to spend 4 weeks in China immersing herself in the culture, language, food, and fun!

As part of the program, which seeks to prepare youth for an increasingly globalized workplace, Ja'nai spent time learning about business relations between China and America. She visited companies like the Bank of China, as well as explored sites like the Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square, and 798 Art District.

JA'NAI L. Girls Prep Lower East Side Class of 2015

Girls Prep is proud of Ja'nai's accomplishments and is honored to guide her on her path to college completion, as a scholar and a global citizen! As Ja'nai so eloquently stated, "Since the first day of school, my life has changed drastically...I have become a confident and enthusiastic student who has a great desire to complete college and explore the world. My teachers at Girls Prep have influenced and impacted my life in a positive way. [They] helped me fall in love with learning."





Girls Prep Lower East Side Class of 2016
Currently: Junior at Harvest Collegiate High School
Ajonea is in 11th grade and participates in dance club and student ambassadors.  She really loves her high school experience and has spoken at the Youth Over Guns rally on behalf of women’s march empowerment through her school. She's also helped to organize school walk outs and protest around stricter gun control laws and the presence of institutionalized racism in our community. Currently, she's working on two things, the first is a research project combining the treatment of people of color over the years with music college project for Fordham University. The second Is a “Stand Against Hate” event at her school to talk about how in recent news, we have been made witness to horrific acts including the attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue Tree of Life; the shooting of unarmed African-Americans and anti-immigrant rhetoric and speeches and how we can unite as one to stop this. As far as college the number one college she's looking into is Fordham University to Major in Applied Psychology,minor in criminal justice then hopefully attend their law school to get her law degree in criminal justice.


Girls Prep Alumna and  Namesake Sandra Cisneros

Pictured above: Ajeona and Sandra Cisneros, a Girls Prep Lower East Side classroom Namesake. 


Girls Prep Lower East Side Class of 2013
Currently: Sophomore at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY


After graduating from Girls Prep LES Middle School's first 8th grade cohort in 2013 her family relocated to upstate New York. Kayla was torn about where to go to college this fall, but the decision for her became easier after she applied for and was accepted into the HEOP (Higher Educational Opportunity Program). HEOP is a 4-year mentoring program that provides a network of academic, financial, and social-emotional resources to help students transition successfully to and through college. They offer academic tutors and grants that cover the cost of books as well as help cover the gap between financial aid given and needed. HEOP allowed Kayla to spend 5 weeks living on her new college campus this summer before starting her freshman year so that she could start making friends and meet some of her professors. She says HEOP has been a life changer and a life saver for her!
Kayla chose to go to Skidmore College in beautiful Saratoga Springs, NY. She lives in a large dorm room triple with two other roommates, who she says are very different, but she bonds with them over academic things and they study together, as well as social things like shopping and friends. She says the dining hall food is delicious and ranked in the top 5 in the whole state! Kayla is a member of a team called Ujima which stands for collective work and responsibility. They participate in service work across campus and fund raisers. She's also on the varsity step team as a freshman! Check out a pic of Kayla and her step team here!

KAYLA L. Girls Prep Lower East Side Class of 2013

Lastly, Kayla has some advice for her younger Girls Prep sisters:

"Going away to college can seem scary and it's easy to forget that everyone in your year is going through the same thing as you! This makes it so much easier to make friends because we're all in the same boat and I'm having a great time being away from home. College is everything I was promised and more and I've already done some amazing things in less than 2 months that I've been here. Even when I'm not in class there is so much to learn. For example, there are affordable concerts on campus all the time and lectures from published authors. Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum came to campus last week gave a presentation on her book, "Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?" I got to meet her and get a signed copy of her book, which was so special after being in the Beverly Daniel Tatum homeroom at Girls Prep in 7th grade! I highly recommend everyone apply for HEOP. It has made college the best experience of my life and I love Skidmore!"

Girls Prep Lower East Side Class of 2013
Currently: Sophomore at Southern Vermont College


Major: Human Services
When asked why she enjoys college, she responded: "The reason why I enjoy college is because I am able to express myself in multiple ways while still having a very inclusive support system around me"
Alumnae Scholar at Southern Vermont College