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Girls Prep Bronx Elementary Charter School celebrates 10 years of education

Originally published on News12


HUNTS POINT, BRONX, NY (October 28th, 2019): 

A school in the Bronx dedicated to providing young girls skills and resources for the future is celebrating a major milestone.

The Girls Prep Bronx Elementary Charter School is celebrating 10 years in the neighborhood. 

The battle to get the school up and running was all worth it, according to the founders.

In celebration of the milestone, Girls Prep Bronx Elementary Charter School gathered with local officials in front of P.S. 52 to celebrate their success.

With over 2,000 students in the network and more than 800 female scholars in pre-K through eighth grade, they’re proud to say the young girls are obtaining a quality education.

School officials say many of the students are moving on to top high schools in the city, an opportunity founders are pushing for all Bronx children to receive one day.

The principal tells News 12 they’re opening a second all girls prep location next year.

There is a waiting list, but the principal encourages parents to go ahead and apply for the next school year starting in September.