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Visit From writer Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez creator of La Boriqueña

Tweet From Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez

BRONX, NY (January 20, 2020): 

Last year, Girls Prep Bronx Elementary held a masquerade ball with the theme of super heroes. One of our students wanted to dress up as a Puerto Rican, female super hero. It’s not as easy as one might think. Our scholar did some research and discovered La Boriqueña, a super hero created by famed comic book writer Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez. She eventually got to meet him and share her love for this incredible hero.

Fast forward to today. Our young friend was presenting to her sisters about the impact of this character in her life. She spoke about the importance of her Puerto Rican heritage and how she has learned that every single girl could be a super hero. What she didn’t know is that her parents arranged for Mr. Edgardo to come to her presentation. 

This was such a special opportunity to learn about the diversity within our community and the importance of representation in the images we share with our scholars. We are grateful that Mr. Miranda-Rodriguez could join us and look forward to creating more unique and inspiring experiences for our scholars!