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Bronx Times | September 11, 2021

Public Prep, one of the only public charter school networks offering single-sex education, is launching the new school year and welcoming students back to the classrooms with an annual tradition – a Male Heroes Walk on their first week at Boys Prep Bronx.

This event began eight years ago as a way for scholars to interact with their heroes – whether they are family members, professionals or school staff – and give high-fives on their way to class as they kick off the school year.

“The COVID pandemic has challenged us in ways we never expected, but our communities have persevered together. As we kick off this new academic year, our annual Male Heroes Walk is a vivid reminder to our scholars of the community and support cheering them in the background each day of their academic journey,” said Janelle Bradshaw, CEO of Public Prep. “After the challenges of the past year and a half, we know this heartwarming tradition means more to our scholars than ever before. We welcome our new and returning scholars and look forward to making the most of the year ahead!”

This year’s celebration included more than 30 “male heroes” — professionals from all walks of life, community leaders, fathers and more — greeting more than 850 kindergarten through eighth-grade scholars, offering encouraging word and inspiration as they began the new school year.