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Charter Schools Weekly – Charter School HEro

Originally featured in the NYC Department of Education Charter Schools Weekly email newsletter. 

Charter School Hero: Camille Colgan, 5th Grade Social Studies Teacher & Team Leader

Girls Preparatory Charter School of New York

Nominated by Karina Lopez, Assistant Director of Student and Family Affairs


What makes this individual a hero?

Camille Colgan joined the Girls Prep community in 2018 as the 5th grade social studies teacher. Ms. Colgan's overwhelming support of students in her first year made her a great candidate to be the grade team leader this year based on the relationships she built with students and families alike.

Please give one example of this individual's heroic actions within the school community.

As the 5th grade team leader this year, Ms. Colgan has gone above and beyond to ensure she is supporting students and staff. She has been part of all if not most parent meetings in regards to students to ensure she is showing her support as the grade team leader. On a daily basis, Ms. Colgan is using her prep time in the student support office with 5th grade students having restorative conversations and putting plans in place to improve behavior.

What else should the NYC charter school community know about this hero?

 Ms. Colgan does not just support the 5th grade students but has built relationships with other grades and kept in touch with her students that are currently in 6th grade. She is a part of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team on our campus bringing awareness to biases within our staff as adults, in education overall and how we can have a more aware and embracing culture in our school community.