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Principal Kirkland shares significance of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King JR. at Boys Prep

BRONX, NY (January 17, 2020): 

As the proud Principal of Boys Prep Bronx, I was excited to celebrate our first ever Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Oratory Contest this week. A Morehouse College alum like myself, Dr. King holds a special place in my heart and I feel it is my responsibility to educate our young scholars around his legacy. 

Scholars in grades PrePrep (4 years old) through 6th grade recited famous excerpts of MLK speeches, with judges from our leadership team selecting winners based on memorization, enunciation, and the length of the speech. As our parents sat nearby in the audience, you could feel a strong sense of joy as the scholars received praise and support from their fellow brothers.

Dr. King is memorialized every day as a first grade classroom Namesake, and through this event, it is evident the legacy of Dr. King will continue for years to come at the Boys Prep.

Dr. Khalek Kirkland, Proud Principal