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Public Prep Schools - Tuition Free Prep Schools NYC Started in 2005


Class of 2019 graduation speeches featuring Mariah Pabon, Girls Prep Lower East Side Valedictorian, and Gabriella Bravo, Girls Prep Bronx Middle School Valedictorian.




While Public Prep is a network of elementary and middle schools, including Girls Prep Lower East Side, Boys Prep Bronx, and Girls Prep Bronx, our commitment to our scholars lasts well beyond when they graduate. Since 2013, Girls Prep has had eight graduating classes of 8th graders, with now over 400 Girls Prep alumnae enrolled in grades nine through twelve in phenomenal, college-prep parochial, private or public high schools, and attending some of the finest colleges and universities in the country.




Aleeyah M.
Girls Prep Lower East Side Class of 2016
High School Graduate of Essex Street Academy
College Decision: John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Girls Prep is important to me because all the opportunities that I have been given due to Girls Prep has helped me find what I want to do in my future. Also the community that that was there made me feel welcomed all the time and was a family and will always be apart of me.

My favorite memory at Girls Prep would be going to Cornell for 1 week with a few other students. This is one of my favorite memories because I got to have a college experience for myself and be independent and making choices myself. 

Something I am looking forward to college would be to be more independent and start to have a great start with my career. Also to be able to travel around the world and get to have new experiences with people and education.


Zoe W.
Girls Prep Lower East Side Class of 2016
High School Graduate of High School of Art and Design
College Decision: Wheaton College of Massachusetts
Girls prep has always been there for me and has watched and helped me grow into the person I am today. With the many opportunities and resources they’ve given me, I have been able to have many great experiences. The people I’ve met at girls prep will always have a place in my heart and we have made bonds that will continue to flourish for a very long time.

I remember some time in sixth grade where all the classes of that year made a video together mimicking the wheel of fortune layout. We each had a different role as a woman with honorable achievements. Then we got to show all of our parents this video of us doing our best acting but still being goofy.

I’m really looking forward to expressing my opinions with like minded people and making a change about the things that matter to me. 

Kesi W.
Girls Prep Lower East Side Class of 2016
College Decision: Yale University
Ashley Blanco
Girls Prep Lower East Side Class of 2014
College Decision: Yale University
Alexandra P.
Girls Prep Lower East Side Class of 2016
High School Graduate of Saint George Academy
College Decision: St. Johns University

Girls Prep is important to me because it taught me how to build a community with the people I am surrounded with. It showed me that girls can do exactly what males can do, maybe even better. To always shoot for the moon and if I land short I’ll be among the stars.  

My favorite Girls Prep memory has to be every field day that we had. Those were the moments that made the entire community come together and enjoy one's company. 

I am looking forward to embracing the independent Alex that I’ve been manifesting all these years. To build new friendships and finally study something that’ll lead me to my future job.