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Girls Prep Schools in the Bronx


School Contact Information

  • Address: 681 Kelly Street, Rm 205, Bronx, NY 10455
  • Phone: 718-901-3855
  • Fax: 718-292-5586

School Hours

  • Breakfast: 7:20 AM
  • School Hours: 8:00 AM-3:10 PM
  • Wednesday Dismissal: 3:10 PM
Grades K-5
  • Breakfast: 7:20 AM
  • School Hours: 8:00 AM-3:10 PM
  • Wednesday Dismissal: 3:10 PM




  • Yellow or orange PrePrep T-shirt or Gray crew neck sweatshirt ( all shirts must have Boys Prep logo)


  • Plain navy blue pants (can be from any store/brand)


  • Any color velcro sneakers (no light up sneakers, wheels, or anything that is unsafe or distracting)
  • Socks must be worn every day. Students may wear socks in the color of their choice.


Hoodies, non-uniform outerwear, jeans sweatpants, and bottoms intended for athletics are not permitted. Bottoms may be purchased through the supplier or at your local retailer. If your scholar needs to wear rain or snow boots due to the weather, they must bring sneakers to change into once they get to school. All scholars must wear a PrePrep uniform every day. To find store locations and order online visit



  • White Polo (with Girls Prep logo), navy cardigan/fleece (plain or with the logo)


  • Navy jumper with logo (navy pants may be worn under the jumper). Leggings (any color) or navy blue shorts under their jumper or skirt.


  • All black, brown or navy blue Mary Jane with ankle strap, or black or navy sneakers.
  • Socks or stockings must be worn every day (any color).

Note: Students may wear boots to school, however, they must change into the appropriate footwear once they are in school. All scholars must wear a Girls Prep uniform every day. To find store locations and order online visit



  • White polo or white oxford shirt with optional navy cardigan/fleece (all shirts must have Girls Prep logo)


  • Navy skort with logo, navy kilt with logo, or navy blue pants (can be from any store/brand).


  • All black or navy blue Mary Jane with ankle strap, or black or navy sneakers.
  • Socks or stockings must be worn every day (any color).
  • Light-up sneakers, high heels, wheels, added accessories to shoe laces, and sneakers that go higher than the ankle are prohibited

Note: Students may wear boots to school due to weather however, they must change into the appropriate footwear once they are in school. All scholars must wear a Girls Prep uniform every day. To find store locations and order online visit


Grades Served

PrePrep-5th Grade

After School Programming

Girls Prep Bronx Elementary partners with neighboring after school programs. Registration and questions should be directed to the individual program. More information can be found here.


Girls Prep Bronx Elementary School provides student metrocards, provided by the NYC Department of Education. For more information, please visit this page.

PrePrep: the Joan Ganz Cooney Early Learning Program

Named after the pioneering co-founder of Sesame Workshop, PrePrep: the Joan Ganz Cooney Early Learning Program provides a distinctive educational experience within a playfully rich and cognitively demanding learning environment. The Joan Ganz Cooney Early Learning Program builds upon the research from the federally-funded Ready to Learn initiative from 2005-2010, which measured the impact of educational programming, including Sesame Street episodes, on children's science and literacy skills by demonstrating the effect of media targeted at socio-emotional development.

PrePrep is a co-ed program for 4-year-olds, and is hosted within Girls Prep Bronx Elementary School and Boys Prep will establish a PrePrep program starting in the 2018-19 school year. PrePrep scholars automatically matriculate into Girls Prep Bronx or Boys Prep Bronx Elementary Schools for kindergarten.

See our feature on NPR below:

The Pre-K curriculum fulfills and surpasses the requirements of New York State’s Pre-School Foundations for the Common Core (“PKFCC”). Students benefit from a curriculum that offers the right balance of joyful play, curiosity, and self-control, while also placing equal emphasis on character development (such as resiliency, optimism, determination, and gratitude), college awareness, and cognitive rigor across academic disciplines.

  1. increase vocabulary
  2. enhance background knowledge to promote deeper learning
  3. accelerate children’s grasp of language and numeracy
  4. cultivate habits of mind conducive to inquisitive learning and successful social interaction.
Unique program elements:
  • The program includes curated content from Sesame Workshop’s vast media library that uses engaging characters to develop critical behaviors like self-regulation. This includes, for example, the new Cookie Monster series of videos that help children learn the behavioral strategies necessary to manage emotions, navigate friendships, cope with stressful situations and improve executive function tasks, such as impulse control, working memory, focusing and shifting attention.
  • In its first year, we received support from an executive at Sesame Workshop to identify new ways to use children’s media to enhance learning in the classroom, engage families in creating a rich literacy environment at home, and provide early childhood Professional Development for faculty.


Learning Support Coordinator

 Adalirys Santos
718-901-3855 ext. 2043

Dear Families,

I am so incredibly excited for the year ahead! This year our girls (and boys in PrePrep) will continue to pursue academic excellence while developing as empathetic and thoughtful leaders.  We are all committed to creating a community where ‘thinking and working hard everyday’ is the norm and where our core values of sisterhood, scholarship, merit and responsibility are on clear display.  I look forward to partnering with you in this incredibly important job.

We are guided in our work by our North Star to College Completion. As you enter our school building and visit classrooms, the office, the library or even the cafeteria, you will see a reflection of this mission. The five points on our North Star are character development, academic achievement, family and scholar satisfaction, organizational stability and staff engagement, and college knowledge.

  • Character Development- you will see our students participate in programs such as Second Step, share in experiences like morning and unity meetings and explore in a Mindfulness and Yoga class.

  • Academic Achievement- we are committed to providing our students with a joyful and rigorous academic experience. Student thinking will be pushed through learning experiences in guided reading, close reading, CGI, and Math Investigations. In addition, we have compartmentalized Math instruction in upper grades and Science in all grades.

  • Family and Scholar Satisfaction- our families are our cornerstone and are supported through home visits to start the year, regular Chat ‘n Chews with the principal, regular calls from teachers and annual events such as the Welcome Back Potluck and the Gratitude Luncheon.

  • Organizational Stability and Staff Engagement- we value and support our amazing educators through team building activities, high quality professional development and clear coaching structures.

  • College Knowledge- knowledge of college and the skills necessary to get there were displayed by over 116 adults who visited our campus last year. We look forward to increasing the number of opportunities our students have to increase college knowledge through campus visits and expanding ‘passion’ opportunities. Students this year will have opportunities to learn chess, play soccer, participate in the National Dance Institute, learn on the BioBus and so much more.

While college completion is our long term vision, providing a joyful and rigorous educational experience in partnership with our families is our immediate calling. We look forward to welcoming all our scholars for the 2018-2019 school year!

In Gratitude,

Tomasz Krzyzostaniak, Principal

Jessica Diaz

Jessica Diaz

Lower Elementary Academic Director
Sarah Gagle

Sarah Gagle

Dean of Culture
Andrew Group

Andrew Group

Director of Operations
Namrata Lala

Namrata Lala

Upper Elementary Academic Director


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