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Named after the pioneering co-founder of Sesame Workshop, PrePrep: the Joan Ganz Cooney Early Learning Program, a Universal PreKindergarten Program (UPK), is a co-educational Universal PreKindergarten Program serving 4-year olds within Public Prep Network.


In our PrePrep program, we privilege play as the means through which young students develop foundational academic habits and spark student curiosity, creativity, and a love of learning. PrePrep is designed to launch our students’ educational and life trajectories, to invest them and their families in the work of nurturing and developing the potential of each individual student. Together with families as partners, PrePrep scholars enter Kindergarten with the skills, habits, and mindsets they need to thrive.

  • Academics & Learning: Teachers, leaders and scholars believe and understand that every moment is a learning opportunity. Students engage in purposeful play as a method of exploration and learning. Language, literacy and social emotional development is a focus throughout the day.
  • Community Building: Relationships, a sense of belonging, and interpersonal interactions are learning opportunities that build community. We value student voice and support scholars with the language tools needed to build connections, problem solve, and self-advocate.
  • Family Engagement: Families are partners. As their child’s first teacher, they are welcomed and encouraged to be involved within the classroom and in their child’s learning.
  • Learning Environment & Materials: Teachers provide a safe, comfortable and predictable environment with structures, routines and systems in place that foster student independence and engagement. Rich and varied materials are accessible to children and reflect their interests.
  • Aligned Staff: Teachers and leaders have a shared belief in the value and importance of pre-k and early childhood education as the foundation for high academic achievement and social emotional wellness in the later grades.



 For Enrollment: 848-272-0875

Ready to Enroll? Contact Our Student Enrollment and Outreach Associate, Yvonne Guillen: 848-272-0875

For General Inquiries: Email: or call 212-346-6000